A2 Milk Benefits, Nutrition, And Its Side Effects

A2 Milk Benefits

A2 Cow Milk is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus which are necessary for strong bones and teeth, better functioning of muscles, regulation of blood pressure, tissue and cell growth and enhancing good cholesterol (HDL), and maintain overall nourishment and well-being of the body.

Health Benefits of A2 Milk

Milk is best known for its calcium, which helps the body grow and repair bones. It is also helpful in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, or osteoporosis. You can get calcium from many effective treatments for acid reflux, too.

It can help keep your blood pressure healthy

High blood pressure is often caused by high levels of triglyceride and cholesterol. By eating as many omega-3 fatty acids as A2 milk, you can lower your cholesterol levels. The potassium present in A2 milk also benefits your blood pressure.

It can help your feelings

Vitamin D plays a major role in mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). By eating a diet rich in vitamin D – such as A2 milk – people living with SAD may experience a decrease in symptoms.

It can strengthen your immune system

Vitamin A is essential for keeping your immune system strong and is found in animal products such as A2 milk. Eating too much vitamin A improves immune response and regulation.

It can help keep your eyes healthy

Vitamin A helps maintain your retinas and corneas. Vitamin A in A2 milk can help keep your eyes healthy. Drinking milk regularly as part of a healthy diet can help your body prevent cataracts and keep your vision sharp.

Nutrition Information

One A2 2% cup of milk contains:

  • Calories: 122
  • Protein: 8 grams
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 12 grams
  • Sugar: 12 grams

A2 milk is rich in protein, which is an essential component of everything from muscle tissue to skin and blood.

A2 milk is a good source of:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Potassium

It contains a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids, too. These are the polyunsaturated fats that your body needs to function properly. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to lower triglyceride levels, reducing heart disease or stroke risk.

Side Effects of A2 Milk

If you have milk allergies, A2 milk is not a healthy alternative, and you should avoid it. In fact, if you have it, you may have similar symptoms – including life-threatening anaphylaxis – which you would say if you drank “normal” milk.

If your doctor tells you that you are not lactose intolerant, it is unlikely that you will feel better after drinking A2 milk. That’s because it contains as much lactose as milk with A1 and A2 protein.

If you are not sure you are lactose intolerant, but you do not feel well after breastfeeding, trying A2 milk can help. If you can’t let it, you may have a sensitivity or intolerance to the protein A1 casein.

Other healthy alternatives

If you are lactose intolerant, lactose-free milk may be a better option for you than A2 milk. Like “normal” milk and A2 milk, lactose-free milk has all the benefits of a healthy “normal milk” diet, except lactose.


Why is A2 milk better for you?

A2 milk has been designed to be easier to digest and healthier than other cow's milk on the market. Milk is a good source of protein, containing 8 grams (g) per 8-ounce (oz) glass. The two major proteins in milk are casein and whey. Casein accounts for about 80 percent of the protein in milk.

Is A2 milk healthier than regular milk?

Currently, A2 milk is marketed as a healthier choice than regular A1 milk. Proponents assert that A2 has several health benefits and is easier for people with a milk intolerance to digest.

Who should drink A2 milk?

One big point to clarify: a2 Milk contains the same amount of lactose as ordinary cow's milk. So while a2 Milk may help people with dairy sensitivity or milk protein intolerance, it's not for those who are specifically lactose intolerant.

Does A2 milk really work?

But the research on the benefits of a2 milk is scant. A small study (funded by The a2 Company) found that it may take some people significantly longer to digest milk that contains both the A1 and A2 protein than milk that only contains A2.

Is A2 milk good for your heart?

By consuming more omega-3 fatty acids like the ones in A2 milk, you can potentially lower your cholesterol levels. The potassium present in A2 milk benefits your blood pressure, as well.

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