Artichoke Water Benefits And Its Nutritional Value

artichoke water benefits

Artichoke water benefits have a lot. Artichoke water claims to improve your immunity and detoxify your liver. As well as vitamin C, which is the most powerful antioxidant, artichokes contain phytonutrients. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of artichoke water.

Artichoke Water Benefits

Reduce blood sugar levels

One of the main compounds in artichokes is inulin. This is a carbohydrate that is metabolized very slowly in the body, thus helping transform sugars into energy. Inulin also helps regulate your insulin levels, improving the health of patients suffering from Type II diabetes.

Control cholesterol levels

The high content of fiber, vitamin C, and phytosterols in artichokes can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood while promoting the generation of good cholesterol. In addition to this, they contain cinarina, a substance that stimulates the secretion of bile. Then, it aids in the digestion of fats and prevents them from accumulating in the body. In addition, artichokes contain flavonoids, which fight inflammation and help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Promote the elimination of uric acid

Caffeic and linoleic acids help reduce the levels of purine in your bloodstream. This, in turn, improves your circulation and facilitates the elimination of uric acid. This also acts as a powerful diuretic by removing excess liquids retained in your tissues and fighting symptoms of inflammatory diseases like gout and arthritis.

Improve liver health

Because they favor the breakdown of fats, artichokes help protect your liver and improve its overall function. In fact, they’re specifically recommended for people suffering from cirrhosis or other liver problems. When you drink artichoke water, it promotes liver recovery and provides the essential nutrients this organ needs to restore itself to its optimal function.


Thanks to the high fiber and water content, artichokes also improve your digestion. Consuming artichokes supports your body’s absorption of nutrients and helps soothe common ailments like sprains and an off-balance pH.

100g Artichoke Water Nutrition

  • Total Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 470mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 5g
  • Sugars 0g
  • Protein 2g

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