Benefits of Almonds Oil for Your Amazing Hair

benefits of almonds oil for hair

Almond oil has lots of benefits for your better hair. We are simply discussing this topic. So read the article and find better information.

Benefits of Almonds Oil for Hair

Stronger and Longer Hair

In addition to being amazing for the skin almond oil also helps hair growth. The presence of amino acids and proteins in almond oil keeps hair soft and reduces breakage giving you longer shiny and strong tresses.

How to use: Although you can use just pure almond oil on your hair I recommend you mix equal quantities of almond, castor, and olive oil and apply it twice a week to your hair before having a bath. For maximum benefits mix these 3 oils and put the solution in a glass bottle and keep in sun for a week and then apply on the scalp and hair.

Leave-in conditioner

If you don’t use leave-in conditioners because of the chemicals they are loaded with try using almond oil as one. Almond oil is lightweight and gives your hair the required shine. This works best for dry hair.

How to use: After a head bath towel dries your hair and comb with a wet hairbrush or wide-tooth comb. Now take some almond oil on your palms and run your hands through your tresses concentrating on the ends. Let hair dry naturally and watch the instant shine this gives your hair.

Keeps split ends at bay

I don’t have many skin problems but hair problems come in abundance. My hair is dry and split ends make repeated appearances which can be treated with almond oil. Deep conditioning your hair twice a week with almond oil gives your hair the required nourishment in addition to strengthening your hair follicles which help keep split ends away

Dandruff treatment

In addition to nourishing hair almond oil with its emollient properties helps with treating dandruff by removing dead cells on the scalp which may be blocking the growth of hair follicles. Having a healthy and well-nourished scalp means you will have dandruff-free hair so regularly massage almond oil into the scalp to get rid of dandruff.

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