Benefits of Bay Leaf for Hair And How to Use It?

Benefits of Bay Leaf for Hair

Bay leaf essential oil is perfect for tackling scalp issues and psoriasis, as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can remedy fungal infections. Try applying it to your scalp with a carrier oil to restore scalp health and improve hair growth.

Benefits of Bay Leaf for Hair

Gets rid of dandruff

Dandruff can have many causes. Other than an underlying medical condition, many times, dandruff can be caused by an oily scalp. Bay Leaf is rich in antioxidants – when applied to the scalp, they help in controlling the oiliness, and put an end to dandruff.

A simple DIY to help fight dandruff. Grind dried bay leaf into a powder, and mix it with coconut oil, or any other untreated hair oil. Allow the oil to remain in the hair for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. Bay leaf powder can also be mixed in with yogurt and applied to hair. Wear a wrap around your hair and rinse off after a few minutes.

Shinier hair

Using bay leaf for hair helps not only in eliminating dandruff but also in making the hair shinier. Free radicals in the air along with pollution, make the hair dry and brittle. The antioxidants in bay leaf help in reversing the damage done to hair and make it shinier with more luster.

Boil a few leaves of fresh bay leaf in water for a few minutes. Once the water has absorbed the essence of the bay leaf, switch off the flame and let the water cool down. Remove the leaves and use the infused water as a final rinse after washing your hair. If fresh bay leaves are not available, you can use dry bay leaves, or even use powdered bay leaves.

Fights against lice

Lice are insects that transfer from one person to another. Lice are mostly seen in younger children and should be treated quickly to reduce itchiness and further contamination. The pungent smell of bay leaf helps in removing the infestation of lice from hair.

At night, wind a few leaves of fresh bay leaves in your hair and wrap them with a cloth. This causes the lice to suffocate and fall off the next day when you unwrap your hair. If the fresh bay leaf is unavailable, you can use the dry bay leaf for hair health.

Protects against fungal infection and scalp inflammation

Bay leaf has certain antifungal properties that are extremely useful in preventing or reducing fungal infections. Many times, fungal infections could lead to dandruff, and even excessive hair fall.

Infuse water with the essence of bay leaf. Add a few bay leaves to a pot of water. Boil for a few minutes and strain. Once cooled sufficiently, wash the scalp with this water. Rinsing with bay leaf is good for hair also as it can help in removing infection and inflammation.

Boosts hair growth

Hair fall is a fear that everybody has. With pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle choices there could be a visible increase in hair fall. Bay leaf can help in enriching hair and gently coax the scalp to regrow hair.

Bay leaf for hair growth can be used by infusing hair oils like coconut or almond oil with bay leaf. You can powder dry leaves and mix them with the oil, or tear fresh leaves into the oil and keep them sealed for a few days before using. You can either use the oil before a hair bath or as a leave-in oil to condition hair.

Use it as a natural hair conditioner

Bay leaf is loaded with antioxidants that can help you smoothen your hair and also make it shiny! It’s simple: just boil bay leaves in a pan full of water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Once the aroma is strong, you can turn off the flame. Store it in a container, and use it on damp hair every alternate day, before applying shampoo.

Bay leaves can help tackle hair fall

With increasing pollution and daily wear and tear, our hair suffers a lot of damage. Eventually, hair fall creeps into our lives and makes us even more worried. That’s why it is best to use bay leaves powder to prevent this issue. You can prepare it at home easily. Just crush some bay leaves in a grinder, and add a few drops of lemon juice, and some curd. Blend properly and apply this paste to your scalp every day.

How do You Make Bay Leaf Water for Your Hair?

Just boil bay leaves in a pan full of water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Once the aroma is strong, you can turn off the flame. Store it in a container, and use it on damp hair every alternate day, before applying shampoo.

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