Benefits of Chia Seeds for Women Fertility

benefits of chia seeds for women

Benefits of chia seeds for women have a lot. Chia seeds are impressively high in fiber. Fiber is excellent for gut health. Remember, two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 11 grams of fiber – almost half the daily requirement for women and about a third for men. Adding chia seeds to food is an easy way to add this important component to your food.

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Women

Prevents premature aging of the skin

Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants – a substance that helps speed up the skin repair process and prevents any further damage. It is also able to increase collagen levels, which in turn gives you taut and glowy skin.

Increases strength and metabolism

Studies have shown that eating chia seeds before a workout provides the same amount of energy as a sugary energy drink, but without the high sugar content. Taking a serving of chia seeds a day also helps to boost metabolism and burn belly fat too.

Fights breast and cervical cancer

The omega-3 fatty acid component found in chia seeds has been proven to limit the growth of cancer cells. Studies have also shown that eating the seeds can kill the cancer cells without harming normal healthy cells.

Keeps you full for a long time

Don’t underestimate these tiny seeds because they can absorb up to 10 times their weight in water due to it being a high-fiber food. This means that you will be less likely to snack after your meals, which might lead to weight loss. Add a serving of chia seeds into your juice or cereal in the morning. This makes an easy and fuss-free way of consuming the recommended intake of the superfood.

Keep stress away

Tryptophan, an amino acid found in chia seeds, can help your body produce serotonin, which leads to a feeling of calmness. Some studies have also found that it can help fight anxiety. Delicious chia seed pudding recipes are all over the Internet so you’ll surely find one with your favorite ingredients. It makes a yummy and healthy dessert that you can snack on after a long and tiring day at work.

Do chia seeds increase fertility?

Chia seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which regulate hormones, promote ovulation, and improve uterine health.

Can chia seeds balance hormones?

Chia seeds are good for balancing your hormones. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is the perfect choice for insulin sensitivity, metabolic syndrome, acne, irregular periods, and mood swings.

Can chia seeds help regulate periods?

Simply eating the right foods can regulate your periods naturally. The blood vessels present inside the ovaries are quite tiny which can cause poor circulation and damage. Flaxseeds and Chia Seeds, both rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, can help balance your hormones.

Can chia seeds delay periods?

Soak overnight one tbsp of chia seeds in a bowl of water. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Start drinking this solution 6-7 days before your actual period date.

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