Benefits of Olives for Females And Best Time to Eat

benefits of olives for females

Benefits of olives for females have a lot. Olives for the skin are immense. They possess rich amounts of oleic acid that keep your skin glowing and healthy. More so, the antioxidants present in olive can reduce oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of olives for females.

Benefits of Olives for Females

Reduces Age Spots and Wrinkles

Olive oil contains polyphenolic compounds that help in reducing wrinkles and aging. That happens because the compounds can help in reducing oxidative stress. You can consume olive oil and olives to provide yourself with all the nutrients present in them. However, you can also try massaging your body with olive oil to keep your skin healthy. It not only improves the elasticity of your skin but also removes dark spots and wrinkles.

Gives protection against sun damage

Olive oil has a nice and thick consistency. More so, it is rich in antioxidants that keep your skin away from sun damage. If you happen to stay outdoors, maybe due to work or activities, use olive oil. Try massaging your hands, legs, arms, neck, and of course, face with olive oil. It gives your skin a layer of protection and keeps your skin problems at bay. But remember not to allow the oil to absorb into your skin completely. Apply it before you go out or wash it 20 minutes after application.

Keeps skin moist

Olive oil not only contains antioxidants but is also rich in vitamins A and E. It works as a moisturizer and keeps your skin moist and smooth. So, you can say bye to dehydrated and dried skin. More so, it also helps in balancing your skin’s oil, making it look supple and healthy.

Works as a natural aftershave

Men can save a lot of their money from their aftershave expenses. Olive oil works wonderfully to keep your shaved skin moist. All you need to do is take a few drops of olive oil after you shave. Then massage the oil into your moist skin lightly. Make sure you do not rub the olive oil into your skin completely.

Keeps away from itchy skin

Olive oil has a soothing and relaxing nature. It will help in reducing any itchiness and discomfort in your skin. You can use olive oil to treat redness and rashes that include nappy rash too. More so, the anti-bacterial properties present in olive oil can reduce skin allergies and any other skin problems.

Helps to Reduce Scalp Infections

If you suffer from any scalp infections, then olive oil can be a great choice. All you need to do is apply olive oil twice a week and be sure to get rid of scalp infections in no time.

Helps in Conditioning the Scalp

Olive oil can remove frizz and keep your hair wavy and bouncy. So, if you want to remove the rough locks, start using olive oil. It will make your hair manageable and also improve the texture of your hair.

Works as a Natural Hair Conditioner

You already know that oils can make your hair soft, but the work that olive oil does is incomparable. Olive oil contains palmitic, oleic, and squalene acid that works wonderfully as a natural hair conditioner.

Olives Nutrition Facts

Here is the nutritional value of Olives, ripe and canned, per 100 gms of Serving:

  • Total Calories: 115
  • Water: 80 %
  • Proteins: 0.8 gm
  • Carbohydrates: 6.3 gm
  • Fiber: 3.2 gm
  • Fat: 10.7 gm
  • Saturated Fat: 1.42 gm
  • Unsaturated Fat: 7.89 gm

How Many Olives Should I Eat A Day?

Olives are certainly healthy and are loaded with benefits for your body. However, processed olives are pickled in high amounts of salt and hence, indirectly contribute to sodium levels. This is why experts recommend mindful eating of 15-20 Olives per day unless you are a hypertension patient.

Best Time to Eat Olives

When it comes to Olives, there is no specific right time! You can enjoy Olives throughout the day along with your meals in small portions. Add them to your toasts, salads, or portions of pasta for a delectable and nutritional meal. However, eating them too late in the night may ruin your sleep due to an upset tummy!

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