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Black Cardamom Benefits for Male And Side Effects

Black cardamom benefits for male a lot. Black Cardamom is a useful aromatic spice that improves male sexual wellness. Its Vrishya (aphrodisiac) action helps to improve male sexual ability by increasing the overall energy level of the body. Here we are going to discuss more details about this topic.

Black Cardamom Benefits for Male

Black cardamom works wonders in terms of male sexual health. It is a known aphrodisiac- in other words, an ingredient that enhances sexual drive, desire, and libido among men.

Did you know? Black cardamom can also serve as a natural alternative to medicinal Viagra. Eating Cardamom and incorporating it into your meals or using cardamom-based oil and massaging it onto your genitals helps blood circulation in your private area, facilitating stronger erections.

This is not all. When used correctly, this humble spice also manages problems related to the male digestive tract, heart disorders, diabetes, and asthma!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Black cardamom has antioxidants and diuretic properties that help in lowering blood pressure. It normalizes high blood pressure. Hence, researchers suggest including at least 3 grams daily to reap black cardamom benefits.

Respiratory Relief

If a person has respiratory issues like congestion, asthma, or other related ones, cardamom is a better option to go for. Its antioxidant properties help in controlling mucous release during a cold or cough. It helps heal a sore throat and clears the respiratory tract.

Normalises Scalp Infection

Moti elaichi has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which help in treating scalp infections. This simple home-based ingredient is far more effective than chemical-based shampoos.

Good for Skin

Its antioxidant properties and high Vitamin C content improve blood circulation and protect the skin from toxic substances. These toxic materials get accumulated over the skin in the form of dust. The pollutants then penetrate the skin. A tablespoon of black cardamom paste along with turmeric powder and honey can revitalize your skin.

Benefits of Black Cardamom on Hair

Whether you include black cardamom in your diet or use it as an oil, it provides better nourishment to the hair. Apply the oil from the scalp to the hair strands and massage it for 10-15 minutes. Its regular use ensures thick, strong, and shinier hair strands.

Its high antioxidant properties also heal scalp irritation and itchiness, which are issues that can lead to further infections. Use the oil regularly for better results.

Black Cardamom Nutritional Value

Here is the nutrition profile per 100 grams of Black Cardamom:

  • 311 Calories
  • 0.7 grams of Saturated fat
  • 6.7 grams of Total fat
  • 0 grams of Trans fat
  • 0 grams of Cholesterol
  • 11 grams of Protein
  • 68 grams of Total Carbohydrates
  • 28 grams of Dietary fiber

Black Cardamom Side Effects

A correct dose of anything is beneficial for health. However, overdose or underdose may have some side effects, leading to major problems in the future. Although there are no reported black cardamom side effects, its high use may cause ulcers and lead to pain while urinating. Limit the daily dose to 3-4 grams, and badi elaichi would pose no harm to your health.


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