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Black Cardamom Benefits, Nutrition, And Side Effects

Black cardamom benefits a lot. Black cardamom may have some anti-inflammatory activity. This spice may be beneficial in managing problems of the throat, congestion of the lungs, inflammation of eyelids, tuberculosis of the lungs, and digestive disorders. Here we are going to discuss more details.

Black Cardamom Benefits

For Gastrointestinal Health

Black cardamom consumption helps in the secretion of certain juices in the gastrointestinal tract which helps in keeping the acids in the stomach under proper control. This keeps away digestive disorders and stomach ulcers. It also prevents heartburn caused by acids and treats constipation. This helps in improving the appetite as well as keeping away issues of gas and bloating. Overall, it promotes good health for the gastrointestinal tract.

For A Healthy Heart

To keep away heart diseases, one of the best foods comes in the form of black cardamoms. Along with this, it helps in striking a balance in the blood pressure levels and the rhythm of the cardiac organs. It also helps in reducing all the risks for blot clot.

For Good Oral Care

Any person who has oral problems like mouth odour, tooth decay, and bleeding in the gums will be treated well with the consumption of black cardamoms. The oils in this spice will ensure you achieve all these goals. It also refreshed the smell in the mouth instantly.

Cure Asthma

All kinds of respiratory problems can be brought towards good, effective, and natural treatment with the use of black cardamoms. This is not only valid for the cure for asthma but also for whooping cough, bronchitis, lung congestion, and more. By chewing on some black cardamom you can open up the passage that passes the air to the lungs.

Good Prevention From Cancer

The anti-carcinogenic properties of black cardamoms are what help in preventing the deadly disease we all know as cancer. It does so by increasing the levels of antioxidants in the body that kills the free radicals damaging the cells.

For Urinary Tract Health

The natural diuretic properties of black cardamom help in the prevention of dehydration and also keep the urinary tract clean and fresh. This is how it helps in maintaining the right health for the urinary tract without much effort.

For Fair Skin

Black cardamom has properties and enzymes that not only delay the signs of aging but also help in making the skin fair without any difficulty. The antioxidants in black cardamom help in this regard.

Aid In Weight Loss

Using Black Cardamom for weight loss is one of the effective methods to try! Along with breaking down food, it also helps flush out the toxins from the body along with the free radicals and dangerous fluids, it is best to include black cardamoms in the diet. A simple way of chewing the cardamom seeds each day will help you with this aim. Have it after every meal for maximum benefits.

Prevents Scalp Infection

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of black cardamom help in keeping away irritation and infection from the scalp. This is one of the benefits that the seeds have for the hair. Make sure you take it each day for the best results.

Good Cardiovascular Health

Want to know about black cardamom health benefits? Well, it is good for cardiovascular health. It can greatly influence cardiac health and this is considered as one of the best uses of black cardamom. It maintains blood pressure and is good for people with blood pressure issues. Along with all that, it can reduce the probability of clotting blood.

Good For Respiratory Health

The spicy black cardamom is extremely beneficial for respiratory health. It is a savior for people going through breathing problems such as asthma (discussed previously). Apart from curing asthma, black cardamom has the capability of curing other similar respiratory problems as well. It also fights pulmonary tuberculosis. Patients with breathing problems are often recommended to consume this spice on a daily basis. This is one of the best black cardamom medicinal uses for the body.

It Acts As A Tonic

Black cardamom acts as a tonic by providing you with a better appetite. Because of this particular feature, it can assist you in eliminating vomiting feeling. This benefit of black cardamom makes it one of the most used spices all over the world. Along with many phytochemicals, this spice contains a good amount of minerals which allows it to fight many diseases and cure many severe body problems.

Anti-Carcinogenic Features

This is one of the best health benefits of black cardamom. It has anti-carcinogenic properties such as I3C and DIM which can fight against breast inflammation, ovarian cancer, etc. The anti-carcinogenic features of this spice allow it to raise the levels of different antioxidants in the body and keep it fit and healthy from the inside. It can prevent growth and even eliminate the cancerous cells in the body.

Detoxification Features

There are numerous health benefits of black cardamom, but this is one of the most popular ones. It is highly known for its detoxification properties which detoxify the body effectively and eliminate the excess caffeine from the blood. If such caffeine is not flushed out of your system, then you will get sick and your body doesn’t get affected by the harmful effects of the alkaloids.

Anaesthetic Features

The health benefits of black cardamom cannot be neglected. The anaesthetic properties make it one of the healthiest and most delicious spices ever. The oil which is extracted from this spice can be used as a sedative and is considered to be anaesthetic. It can cure headaches and other similar pains. It can provide you with instant relief from many other body aches as well. The oil extracted from this spice can be used to treat fatigue.

Better Facial Complexion

Say goodbye to the fairness creams. Now you can get fairer and get a good complexion naturally. It has been proven, that black cardamom can assist you in getting fairer skin and can also increase your complexion. This is one of the best black cardamom benefits. A lot of skin experts recommend their clients consume this spice pretty frequently for getting a better complexion on their face.

Antispasmodic Properties

There are many uses for black cardamom. This is probably one of the best ones. The small black spice is used for treating different pains and spasms. All this is because of the antispasmodic properties that this spice possesses. It can also eliminate the feeling of vomiting at times. Whenever you feel like vomiting, take small amounts of black cardamom seed in the form of power and devour it with water.

Rich in Riboflavin

Black cardamoms are rich in riboflavin which is one of the best vitamins known to man. Riboflavin aids in the proper growth of the body by helping in breaking down the proteins and carbohydrates in food. It also helps in the proper utilization of oxygen by the body for the better functioning of organs.

Iron And Manganese

These iron and manganese are two of the best essential components of black cardamom which are very helpful nutrients for the human body. While iron is needed for blood oxygen, manganese is quite important for maintaining good bone health. Especially in an elderly woman, eating black cardamom regularly can help in better bone density.


The oil extracted from black cardamoms can solve all kinds of digestion problems. Eating black cardamoms after meals are known to increase the metabolic rate and faster digestion of food. It also helps in preventing constipation and stomach cramps. Black cardamom can treat a lack of appetite and help you eat well.

Black Cardamom Nutrition Facts

Here is the information on Black Cardamom Nutrition (100 grams Serving):

  • Total Calories: 311
  • Total Fat: 6.7 gm
  • Sodium: 18 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 68 gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 28 gm
  • Protein: 11 gm
  • Vitamin C: 35 % of DV
  • Calcium: 38 % of DV
  • Iron: 78 % of DV

This guide below has been prepared to ensure that you gain information about the best health benefits of black cardamom that you can extract.

Side Effects of Black Cardamom

There hasn’t been enough study to validate any specific side effects of black cardamom. However, if you observe discomfort or any other uncomfortable symptoms during its use, you must report it to your physician as they will be able to assess the situation and guide you regarding the further course of action. Even herbs and natural preparation can show specific side effects on individuals as everyone’s body reacts differently to certain compounds present in them.


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