Cold Lemon Water Benefits And Its Disadvantages

Cold Lemon Water Benefits

Drinking water cold is beneficial because it tastes better and you are more likely to drink more of it. Cold lemon water tastes delicious and so you are more likely to drink more of it. It’s particularly alluring in hot weather and after a workout. And after a workout, it is useful to rehydrate you and replenish body salts and nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Drinking it cold with the peel is also better for weight loss, according to Healthline, with the thinking that the soluble pectin fiber in lemon helps you feel full longer.

Benefits of Cold Lemon Water 

Drinking cold lemon juice in the morning – or at any time throughout the day – is unlikely to help you lose weight. However, it can prevent dehydration and improve your antioxidant penetration. If you drink soda regularly, you can replace it with lemon juice to cut down on sugar and calories.

Due to its high water content, this drink can facilitate weight loss and prevent weight gain. Also, water can boost your metabolism and increase your basic body temperature, leading to more energy expenditure than calories burned.

If you are not a fan of plain water, mix them with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will keep you hydrated, which can also help with fat loss. According to a small review published by Frontiers in Nutrition in January 2016, increased hydration could be key to improving appetite control and body speed.

Consumption of water increases lipolysis, or fat loss, and reduces appetite. On the other hand, mild but chronic dehydration has been linked to weight gain. Most of the research cited in the review above has been performed on mice, but their effects can be applied to humans, as the researchers noted.

Lemon juice does not burn fat, but it can reduce weight loss. Vitamin C, one of its nutrients, lowers blood glucose levels, balances lipolysis, and balances the hormones that influence appetite, according to a May 2014 review published in the Journal of Food Science and Vitaminology. This water-soluble vitamin can prevent obesity and its effects.

If coffee gives you jitters, drink cold lemon water in the morning instead. This drink does not contain any stimulants, which makes it easier for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

It is a healthy alternative to energy drinks, sports drinks, and other sugary drinks. Enjoy it between meals, during exercise, or whenever you are thirsty.

Disadvantages of Drinking Cold Lemon Water

It Can Damage Your Teeth

Although adding lemon juice to warm water seems harmless, it can affect your teeth. This is because lemon is highly acidic and frequent use can erode your tooth enamel. Therefore, drinking lemon water every day for a long time is not very good.

Frequent Urination And Dehydration

In most cases, adding large amounts of lemon juice to your water can cause a diuretic effect. However, in very rare cases will a considerable amount of lemon juice create a diuretic impact. According to research, lemon juice is high in ascorbic acid or vitamin C which is a diuretic. It encourages urine production in the kidneys, therefore, helping the body to get rid of excess salt and fluids more quickly.

Effects on The Bones

Further research is needed to back up the claim that there exist side effects of lemon water on bone. However, it is said that if you take large amounts of lemon juice every morning, it may have adverse effects on your bones. Lemon is said to absorb the oil in the joints slowly which can cause bone issues at a future date.

It Can Upset Your Stomach

Just like anything else, too much lemon juice is harmful. Though studies have not ascertained that the acidic nature of lemon worsens stomach-related complications, there is some evidence that too much lemon can cause heartburn.


Drinking lemon water daily can trigger heartburn or make it worse especially if you experience heartburn regularly. Heartburn, also known as Acid Reflux happens when the esophagus sphincter fails to function properly allowing the acid in the stomach to move back up to the esophagus in a process called reflux. Common symptoms of heartburn include pain and severe burning in the chest. If you experience heartburn, reduce the number of acidic foods and drinks in your diet including lemon.


Is cold lemon water good for you?

Cold lemon water tastes delicious and so you are more likely to drink more of it. It's particularly alluring in hot weather and after a workout. And after a workout, it is useful to re-hydrate you and replenish body salts and nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Is cold lemon water good for weight loss?

Because lemon water is low in calories and can promote fullness in the same way as regular water, it can be an effective way to help reduce calorie intake. Summary: Regular water and lemon water can help promote satiety and fullness, which may decrease calorie intake and lead to weight loss.

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