4 Incredible Fresh Dates Benefits For Your Health

Fresh Dates Benefits

When you think of dates, it’s easy to look at dried varieties. But you can also enjoy the new days, not only with sweet and tasty juice but also with some important benefits of a healthy diet. Chop up dates fresh to add to veggie salads or add them to the smoothie for healthy nutrition. You can also add fresh dates with goat cheese or cream cheese or, with a delicious option, a slice of peanut butter or almond butter. Keep fresh dates in the hands of nutritional supplements in foods and snacks, whether they are selected for topping or mixed with purees. You can eat them whole.

Fresh Dates Benefits

Rich Fiber Content

A 100-gram diet for fresh dates, or just over half a cup, provides 6.7 grams of fiber. This is more than 25 percent of the recommended daily carb supplement. According to the University of California San Francisco, most Americans consume only 15 to 30 grams recommended per day. If you are in that group, one dates service can bring you closer to your daily routine.

Lots of Minerals

Dates also provide essential amounts of essential minerals, including 14 to 20 percent of the RDA of copper, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. For this reason, new days can be a good choice during the hot summer months or whenever you lose fluids and electrolytes – such as potassium and magnesium – through sweat. Getting enough copper in food is important in producing energy and iron metabolism. Manganese plays an important role in bone health and wound healing.

Liquid More Than Dry Dates

Speaking of staying hydrated, new dates have more water than dried days, which lose their liquid content during drying. For most people, food accounts for about 20 percent of hydration. If you feel thirsty or notice that your urine is not clear or passive, and there is no other explanation, increase your water-rich diet as dates.

Down with Sugar

Newer dates have a lower glycemic index than dried days, which means they have a greater impact on blood sugar levels. This is especially true if you replace dry sugar-coated dates with new ones. If you have diabetes or are often sensitive especially to sugary foods, new dates offer a good option for a light meal. Low glycemic foods also promote optimal energy levels and appetite control between meals.


How many fresh dates can I eat a day?

According to many health experts, you should eat 4-6 dates daily if you're trying to lose weight. You can have them along with a cup of black coffee in the morning and then again in the evening with a cup of milk tea or green tea.

Are fresh dates better than dried?

Dried dates are a better source of iron and calcium than fresh dates. Fresh dates are a better source of vitamin C. A serving (3.5 oz) of dried dates contains about 82 mg of calcium, 8 mg Iron and 0mg vitamin C. Vitamin C is not stable and can be destroyed by storage and heat.

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