Raw Jackfruit Benefits, Nutrition, And Side Effects

raw jackfruit benefits

Raw jackfruit benefits have a lot. Because raw jackfruit contains a healthful source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and some other essential vitamins and minerals. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of raw jackfruit for your health.

Raw Jackfruit Benefits for Health

It boosts immunity

The raw jackfruit also contains vitamin C, which in turn helps boost the body’s immunity and prevents diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which keep a vast number of ailments ranging from arthritis to stomach problems at bay.

It aids heart health

If you want to stay heart-healthy, try digging into raw jackfruit, which keeps your arteries healthy, the blood circulation going, and can prevent cholesterol.

It is a great meat substitute

Vegetarians and vegans needn’t compromise on taste or health since raw jackfruit is extremely versatile and the texture lends itself to a meaty substitute in curries, biryanis, and other dishes. Even jackfruit seeds can be used to add taste and nutrition to dishes.

It can help you reduce weight

A cup of raw jackfruit has less than half the calories of two rotis and is much lower than a cup of rice but offers higher satiation due to higher fiber and water content. So you end up satisfying your hunger longer with fewer calories and lose weight without feeling hungry at all.

It can help you beat diabetes

Unlike ripe jackfruit, raw jackfruit is great for diabetes. Clinical trials conducted at Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS) have found that raw jackfruit has a much lower glycemic load (increase in sugar/blood glucose level) than rice and wheat. That means, when you replace a cup of rice or two rotis with a cup of raw jackfruit, your blood glucose will not increase as much. If you are taking medication for diabetes, you should consult your doctor.

It helps reduces cholesterol

The percentage of soluble fiber in jackfruit reaches its peak at the raw jackfruit stage. Soluble fiber from fruits is the most superior quality and helps to remove cholesterol from your body. Definitely a better, native, and responsible alternative to the oats we import from Australia.

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It can prevent colon cancer

Jackfruit is the jack of fiber and when consumed as a carbohydrate the quantity of insoluble fiber we get per day is much higher than rice or Rotis. This improves with great bowel movements; the fiber acts like a bottle brush to cleanse your intestines to prevent colon cancer.

It increases your longevity

Jackfruit, due to low acidity, is the only fruit that can be consumed as a meal replacing your regular carbohydrates such as wheat and rice in full or part. A study done by National Health Service, UK, showed that low consumption of vegetables and fruits shortens life more than lack of exercise. So when we cook and consume raw jackfruit as a meal, the quantity consumed in one meal itself is more than the vegetable and fruit we consume in a whole week.

165 g Raw Jackfruit Nutrition

  • Calories 157
  • Total Fat 1.1g
  • Saturated Fat 0.3g
  • Sodium 3.3mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 38g
  • Dietary Fiber 2.5g
  • Sugar 31g
  • Protein 2.8g
  • Vitamin D mcg
  • Calcium 39.60mg
  • Iron 0.38mg
  • Potassium 739mg

Raw Jackfruit Side Effects

Though a healthy food, jackfruit can cause some side effects and allergic reactions. The fruit is particularly not advised for people with birch pollen allergies.

The fruit is also not recommended for consumption by people who suffer from blood-related disorders, as it can increase coagulation. While typically the fruit is good for diabetics but it may even cause an alteration in their tolerance levels to glucose hence, diabetics should consume jackfruit in limited amounts.

In patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy and in patients with tissue transplants, seeds of jackfruit may have an immune-stimulative effect. There are varied opinions on the consumption of jackfruit during pregnancy.

Though there is no scientific evidence, there is a general perception that jackfruit may induce miscarriage. However, consuming limited quantities of fruit during pregnancy is advised for its powerful laxative properties and vitamin content.

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