Disadvantages of Donating Your Body to Science

disadvantages of donating your body to science

Body donation is not the same as organ donation. Organ donation is the designation you put on your driver’s license: “I want to donate my kidney at the time of death. I want to donate my cornea or my lungs.” Organ donation has no impact on funeral services. You can still be cremated, still have a traditional funeral, and still do all the things that you want to do. Body donation is donating your entire body to science.

Also, before you donate your body, you should find out what happens with the remains after the institution is completed with them. In some cases, the remains are cremated and returned to the family. In other cases, nothing is returned. If this is a concern to you and your family, you should ask this well in advance of your decision.

Disadvantages of Donating Your Body to Science

The main disadvantage of donating an organ is to be with your family will not be able to keep the service as the body does. You can hold a memorial service, but to show it off. In some cases, the funeral home, which will make it possible for people to be in a closed house, is going to be held in several ways. The family will be required to pay for the services of a death certificate, and a fight over whether or not to buy them.

What is the problem that people have is they think that they are going to get paid for donating. This is not true. However, the above is the most commonly using some, or all, of the medical school, the cost of transportation. What they don’t pay for it, is the death notices and obituaries, death certificates, burial, and other aspects of funeral planning. This is the responsibility of the family.

To donate your body to a very noble gesture and is one of the ways to further contribute to medical research and to help educate and train future doctors. What are the factors to keep in mind when you are deciding on whether or not it’s not worth the sacrifice of the body, including, the final requirements, financial considerations, and objectives? Before you decide to find the body, you will need to discuss your wishes with your family members and even his lawyer.

Keep in mind that if the plan is to offer one’s body, to keep as a backup plan, to arrange a burial or a cremation if you are unable to be a donor.

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