Relaxation Techniques: Relax Your Body Just One Method

relaxation techniques

Relaxation Techniques are very important to stress, disorder, and hypertension. Relaxation Techniques are very simple to practice for everyone. We think of relaxation in such a way that it gives happiness to our mind and body above all.

It is a feeling of happiness and joy that cannot be expressed in words. Peace is the initial attainment of relaxation. The deeper you enter the mind, the more you will find peace. You will see that no kind of tension or anxiety can come near you while you are meditating.

Anger, resentment, or hatred are all absent then. The longer you meditate, the more peace you will have. Moreover, relaxation speeds up the healing process of the body. The body’s own immune system becomes fully active.

The energy that was wasted in tension, anxiety, anger, rage, the brain then uses that energy to save the health of the body, the development of talent, the solution of possible crises, the implementation of plans, the impenetrable expansion of consciousness.

Relaxation Techniques Step-By-Step

Home of the Mind

If you want to relax, you have to build a house of imagination. This house will be like your own. In a word, we can say that the joy of relaxation is like the joy of returning home. Because the mind can enter its own home through relaxation. And only when the mind is free from all kinds of thoughts in its own home is it able to make the best use of its creative and innovative abilities.

So to use the power of the mind to the fullest to be positive on the path to success, you must first build a pleasant and peaceful home for the mind. Where you can close your eyes day and night when you are happy and leave in a few seconds and make full use of the power of the mind for your own welfare.

Alpha station

You will need a station to travel to the home of the mind. Which you will create in your mind. We named the station in your mind’s home the Alpha Station. This station is a beautiful place with a dense forest, a fountain, a lake, a beautiful garden, and a waiting room.

You can imagine these. The home of the mind can be placed in any quiet natural environment of your choice. For example, on the banks of a river or lake, in the middle of a meadow or a park, on the top of a mountain, in the middle of a lake, in a fountain, waterfall or beach or a deep forest, or at the bottom of the sea.

No matter where you make your home, the environment must be one that will always give you peace of mind. This house will have many rooms. And it will be surrounded by flower-fruit-herb-garden. Let beauty and joy surround the house of your mind. Make your favorite home the home of your mind.

The courtroom of the house of the mind will be much larger. Go to another large room with a veranda on the right. This room will serve as your healing room. Also, if you need to create a research room, a prayer room in the house of mind. Whenever you go to the house of the mind, you can renovate, change, or enlarge the room as needed.

The Way of Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is the way to the house of the mind to make full use of the power of the mind for success. You can master it with a little preparation and simple practice. The steps of relaxation are discussed step by step to facilitate your practice.

1. Choose a secluded room as initial preparation for relaxation practice. Make sure no one bothers you at this time. Close the door well. Keep electronic devices in all other rooms. Make sure you don’t hear the sound of any electronic device.

Even if the door is closed, care should be taken to ensure that adequate air can enter the room. And don’t leave the house completely dark, there should be light. Loosen your clothes a little.

Think of any happy events or happy experiences that took place in a day or two before the practice began. No matter how trivial the incident may be, nothing happens. Feelings are important here.

2. Lay down on a hard bed or the floor with a thin carpet. If you have difficulty sleeping, you can give a thin pillow under the head. But the harder the bed, the better. After lying down, the hands will be on both sides of the body, the palms of the hands will be on the top.

There should be at least four toes between the two feet. You can relax while sitting. You can sit on the carpet in a normal condition. Or you can sit comfortably in a chair. After sitting in your normal position, your fingers will be on your knees.

And when you sit in a chair, take off your shoes and socks and loosen the belt of your pants a little. Sit in the chair in such a way that the toes and toes touch the ground and the palms of the hands rest on the knees. The spine and neck will be straight.

3. Close your eyes lightly. Do not frown. Slowly let the two eyelids stick together. As soon as you close your eyes you are refraining from seeing anything or getting anxious.

4. Now take a deep breath through the nose. Slowly exhale through the mouth. Breathe especially. The surface of your abdomen will gradually swell with the breath, not the chest. When you exhale again, the surface of the abdomen will shrink.

The upper part of the abdomen will move slowly as you inhale and exhale. One, two, three, inhale and exhale 8 to 10 times. Take a little longer to exhale than to breathe. As you breathe in, think, ‘Infinite vitality from nature is entering my body.’ And as you exhale, think, ‘All the pollutants in the body are going out with the air.’

Thus, after breathing 8 to 10 times, let the breath return to normal. In other words, keep breathing through the nose and leave through the nose.

5. You have your eyes closed. This time you look at the eyes of the mind for a moment from the palm of the head to the soles of the feet. Now focus on the muscles of the scalp for the first 10 seconds. As soon as you pay attention, you will feel that the blood circulation is increasing.

Feeling a little hot there or a little shivering. Then you will feel the muscles of the palate relaxing. It’s getting heavy. Similarly, you periodically have a forehead, eyes and eyelids, lips and tongue, jaw, face, neck, neck, shoulders, right hand, left hand, chest, back, spine, abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, knees, legs, ankles and Focus on the feet. Concentrate on each of the described parts for 10 seconds.

Observe the specified organs with the eyes of the mind. With the observation, you will feel that the blood circulation in every organ is increasing. The muscles are getting loose and heavy. Before starting the exercise, read and memorize a few times which part of the body you will focus on.

Then there will be no difficulty during practice. As you continue to concentrate from head to toe, feel as the ice melts down from the head to the feet like a stream of ice.

6. Imagine your limbs becoming loose and lifeless. Now take 5 breaths slowly through the nose again and take several breaths slowly through the nose. Take a little longer to exhale than to breathe. Then let the breathing be normal.

7. Now focus on the breath. Feel how the air is entering through the nose and observe with the eyes of the mind. Feel and observe how air enters every cell in the lungs and comes out again.

Focus on the coming and going of the breath. The wind will come and go normally, you just pay attention to the breath. You observe the breath for 1 to 2 minutes. Then feel your body start to feel heavy.

8. Now you are aware of the force of gravity. Feel how the force of gravity is pulling your body downwards. Feel your weight. Feel the weight of the head.

Notice the weight gain on the shoulders, chest, buttocks, arms, legs. Feel it becoming heavier and heavier. Feel that the organic cells of the body are no longer organic cells, they have turned into sand particles.

9. Feel your whole body is now turned into sand particles. Now feel and observe that sand particles have started falling from every part of your body.

Fingers, hands, feet, chest, abdomen, thighs are all falling like sand. You are turning into a pile of sand. Imagine as clearly as possible that your whole body is lying on the floor transformed into a pile of fine sand.

10. You are now a pile of fine sand. Now you feel the cold wind blowing from the north. The wind speed is slowly increasing. The wind is taking the form of a storm and the storm is blowing away the sand that is leftover from your body. Your body has nothing more to say.

All you have to say now is just your consciousness, your mind. You are now completely relaxed. You have reached a deeper level of relaxation. Your brain frequency has dropped from beta level to alpha. On your way home now you have arrived at Alpha Station. This alpha station you already had in mind.

11. Now, remember, from Alpha Station I am now going to enter the house of the mind more deeply. As long as I stay at home in the mind, my attention will be deeper to any unnecessary words from outside.

However, in case of fire, earthquake, or any other dangerous or emergency, no matter how deep I am, I will wake up in a moment and take immediate action to deal with the situation.

12. Start a special countdown to enter the house of mind from the Alpha station. After counting from 19 to 0, you will reach the house of the mind through the path of light. 19 As you speak, imagine that a cool blue soft light is raining down on you. You are bathing in the light.

A long way of light has been created for you. And that path has reached the deepest level of the mind. You pronounce 18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11. Now say to yourself, ‘Through the path of light I am reaching deeper and deeper into my mind. Say 10,9,8,7,6 again. And say in your mind, ‘I am reaching deeper and deeper.’ Then say 5,4,3,2,1,0 and say in your mind, ‘I have reached the house of the mind.’ And feel an indescribable peace.

13. Once you reach the home of the mind you first enjoy the surrounding natural scenery. The scent of flowers, the color of the leaves, the chirping of birds, the sound of fountains or the waves of the sea, the raft of clouds in the sky, all that you see, scrutinize, touch, feel.

14. Now sit comfortably in the drawing-room of the house of the mind.

15. The home of the mind is a powerful level of consciousness. Upon reaching this level, the mind automatically engages the body’s immune and healing systems in the work of healing. At this level, the mind can fully utilize the brain to implement any welfare plan.

Any autosuggestion you have at home is easily received by the brain. Now prepare yourself for future activities. Say it in your mind or out loud, for relaxation in the future, whenever I close my eyes and say comfort, ease, comfort, then all the unnecessary activities of my body-mind will stop and I will become completely relaxed.

Whenever I count from 19 to 0, I will reach the house of the mind. Then you can give some more positive autosuggestion to the mind. As you can imagine, ‘from now on my memory will improve. Confidence and courage will increase. My attention will increase. My body and mind will always be healthy.

My mind and brain will be completely free from unfounded fears and negative thoughts or the effects and reactions of negative words. Positive thinking will bring good to me. I get what I want with positive thinking.

Every day I am getting better, benefiting, being successful in every way. In the case of autosuggestion, you can add any positive thing according to the psycho-physical or environmental needs. Every letter you utter will now become energy.

15. Then you can take the time to do what you need to do.

16. Now it’s his turn to wake up. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Take a deep breath first. Say it in your mind or words, 0 to 6 times I will look into your eyes, I will wake up completely, I will feel completely refreshed physically and mentally in a fully conscious state.

Now start counting. After counting 0,1 feel the sand particles coming from around you forming your body. Take a deep breath after counting 2,3. Feel that the sand particles have turned into living cells. Take a deep breath again after counting 4,5. Say to yourself, ‘At that point, I will look you in the eye, I will wake up completely, there will be no pain or discomfort in my head, neck, shoulders, or body.

I will feel completely healthy, strong, and refreshed physically and mentally in a fully conscious state. Match the eyes after calculating 6,7. Shake the head and neck. Pull the legs. Shake hands. Sit up or stand up slowly.

If you practice relaxation for a while like this, you will get a different feeling. Which will give you a lot of peace? Focus on your work. You will be able to work with a lot more patience. You will be able to do much better.


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