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9 Incredible Foods Low in Phosphorus

Phosphorus is an important mineral that makes up about 1% of a person’s body weight, most of which is in the bones and teeth. People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) usually have to limit and monitor their phosphorus intake. Most refined oils, fruits, vegetables, and grains are low in phosphorus.

People should avoid eating meat, which contains more phosphorus than plant sources. Since meat is restricted to the diet of CKD, egg whites can be a good source of phosphorus for protein. Soymilk can also work.

The National Kidney Foundation warns people with CKD to avoid preservatives and supplements that use phosphorus.

Phosphorus is added to many foods, check ingredient labels for anything with PHOS characters including:

  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Disodium phosphate
  • Monosodium phosphate
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Sodium hexameta-phosphate
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Sodium tripolyphosphate
  • Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

The list below is a sample of foods low in phosphorus that are also low in other minerals (sodium, potassium, etc …) restricted in the CKD diet.

Foods low in Phosphorus

Refined Oils

  • Phosphorus per tbsp – 0mg (0% DV)

1 tbsp of rice bran oil contains 0mg of sodium, 0mg of potassium, 0mg of magnesium, and 0mg of calcium.

Egg Whites

  • Phosphorus per Egg White – 5 mg (0% DV)

1 egg white contains 55 mg of sodium, 54mg of potassium, 4 mg of magnesium, and 2 mg of calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Cup- 9.2 mg (1% DV)

1 cup of grapes contains 2mg of sodium, 176mg potassium, 5mg magnesium, and 13mg calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Cup- 10.4 mg (1% DV)

1 cup of shredded lettuce contains 10 mg of sodium, 70 mg of potassium, 5mg of magnesium, and 13 mg of calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Cup- 13.8 mg (1% DV)

1 cup of apples contains 1 mg of sodium, 134 mg potassium, 6 mg magnesium, and 8 mg calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Leek Cooked- 21.1mg (2% DV)

1 medium leek contains 12 mg of sodium, 108 mg potassium, 17 mg magnesium, and 37 mg calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Cup Cooked- 32.6 mg (3% DV)

1 cup of cornmeal contains 5 mg of sodium, 51 mg potassium, 12 mg magnesium, and 2 mg calcium.

Shiitake Mushrooms

  • Phosphorus per Cup Cooked- 42.1mg (4% DV)

1 cup of shiitake mushrooms contains 6 mg of sodium, 170 mg of potassium, 20 mg of magnesium, and 4 mg of calcium.


  • Phosphorus per Oz- 78.7 mg (8% DV)

1 oz of pecans contains 0mg of sodium, 116mg of potassium, 34mg of magnesium, and 20mg of calcium.


What foods to avoid if phosphorus is high?

1. Dairy foods. 2. Beans. 3. Lentils. 4. Nuts. 5. Bran cereals. 6. Oatmeal. 7. Colas and other drinks with phosphate additives. 8. Some bottled ice tea.

How can I lower my phosphorus levels naturally?

1. Reduce the amount of phosphorus you eat. 2. Take phosphorus binders. 3. Take vitamin D. 4. Take a calcimimetic medicine. 5. Stay on dialysis the entire time. 6. Start an exercise program approved by a doctor. 7. Get an operation to remove some of the parathyroid glands.

Does vitamin D lower phosphorus?

With vitamin D deficiency, serum phosphorus values usually decrease because of the associated hyperparathyroidism, but hyperphosphatemia has been reported to occur when vitamin D deficiency is severe.

What nuts are low in phosphorus?

They are much lower in phosphorus than popular nuts like peanuts and almonds.


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