Eating Lemon Peel Side Effects

Eating Lemon Peel Side Effects

The key side effects of consuming too much lemon peel:

Stomach Issues: Consuming large amounts of lemon peel can upset the stomach and reduce digestion, leading to stomach pain and discomfort.

Dehydration: The high acidity and diuretic properties of lemon peel can cause excessive urination and lead to dehydration if not accompanied by enough water intake.

Tooth Erosion: The high acidity in lemon peel can erode tooth enamel over time, leading to tooth sensitivity and decay.

Dry Skin: The acidity in lemon peel can cause dryness and flakiness in the skin, especially for those with naturally dry skin.

Hair Damage: Applying lemon peel directly to the hair can cause it to dry out and become more prone to graying.

Overall, while lemon peel provides many health benefits, consuming or applying too much can lead to these undesirable side effects. Moderation and caution are advised when incorporating lemon peel into one's diet or skincare routine.

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