Beet Juice Benefits for Runners

Beet Juice Benefits for Runners

The key points we explain on the benefits of beetroot juice for runners:

Beetroot juice is rich in nitrates, which can increase nitric oxide production in the body. This can:

  • Improve muscle efficiency and running economy
  • Increase oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Enhance time to exhaustion during exercise

Several studies have found that beetroot juice supplementation for 6-15 days can improve running performance, especially in moderate-trained runners.

One study found that drinking beetroot juice for a week before a race helped a runner achieve a 5-minute personal best in a half marathon.

Limitations and Caveats:

  • The benefits of beetroot juice seem to be more pronounced in moderately-trained runners compared to elite, highly-trained runners.
  • Some studies have found no performance benefits from beetroot juice, especially in well-trained endurance athletes.
  • The optimal dosage and timing of beetroot juice supplementation is still unclear, with studies using single doses, short-term (2-3 days), and longer-term (6-15 days) supplementation protocols.
  • More research is needed on the effects of beetroot juice in female athletes, as most studies have been conducted primarily on male subjects.

In summary, beetroot juice appears to offer some potential performance benefits for runners, especially those who are moderately trained. However, the effects seem to be variable and the optimal supplementation protocol is still being researched. Highly-trained athletes may see less of a benefit compared to less experienced runners.

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