Eating Rotten Fruit Side Effects

Eating Rotten Fruit Side Effects

Eating moldy or rotten fruit can potentially cause some unpleasant side effects, though it is usually not life-threatening for most people. The main potential side effects include:

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea:
These gastrointestinal symptoms may occur as the body tries to expel the contaminated food.

Allergic reactions: Some people may experience allergy-like symptoms such as shortness of breath, if they are sensitive or allergic to the specific mold present.

Mycotoxin poisoning:
Certain molds can produce toxic substances called mycotoxins, which can cause more severe symptoms like neurological problems or even cancer with long-term exposure.

However, the risk largely depends on the type of mold present, the amount consumed, and the individual's sensitivity. In many cases, accidentally eating a small amount of moldy fruit may not cause any noticeable symptoms.

The best advice is to avoid consuming moldy or rotten foods when possible. If you do accidentally ingest some, monitor for any concerning symptoms and seek medical attention if they develop, especially if you are part of a high-risk group like the elderly or immunocompromised.

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